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Free Download Blender Create 20 Objects Exercise Class Torrent + direct link



Free Download-Blender Create 20 Objects Exercise Class-Torrent + direct link

Lessons from this course

Welcome to the course
A solid box
A Quad sphere
A pyramid
A diamond
A desk
A spindle
A bass
A glass to boling, to bollin
A map of the land
A book with text
A pipe, a pipe,
A vase
A road
A cloud
Vary a base object
Use bevels and extrusions.
Modifiers for procedural editing
Use reference images
Variation of material
End of course challenge

About this course

Welcome to this special exercise class to learn 3D modeling in Blender. This course is designed for beginners who want to start creating new objects It is ideal for those who prefer not to spend three hours to learn how to move in 3D space and to find all the tools you can use in training

The course is divided into 4 sections of approximately 5 lectures Each section sets up a different 'starting point' In the 1st section

In the 2nd section

In the 3rd section We create objects using formulas, beziers, volumes and text objects.

In the 4th section we use the base asset to create variations of an object using tools, modifiers, reference images and materials.

Although this course is recommended for absolute beginners, it is indicated that you are at least comfortable moving around in 3D space using Blender

We hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot



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